Available courses


        In accordance with the Bologna Process, the transition to a new educational format - bachelor's and master's degrees - was carried out. In connection with this teaching staff of the department, a teaching and methodical complex for the magistracy was developed.

The purpose of this developed training and work program is to develop communication skills among students (interaction with specialists from other fields: lawyers and other staff of law organizations), system (application of knowledge in practice, ability to work independently, ability to learn independently) and analytical (analysis and synthesis) of competencies. Individuals of the program are the development of such system competencies as the ability to use the theoretical language of knowledge in relation to the analysis of specific situations, the ability to work in international organizations, such communication skills as to receive and understand, analyze professional information, carry out a two-way consecutive interpreting of business talks and negotiations average degree of complexity with observance of norms of grammar and with use of adequate lexical units, translation to use professionally oriented texts from English to Russian or Kazakh, use a foreign language as a tool for deepening professional knowledge, make contracts, negotiate and speak publicly on professional topics.

         The objectives of the discipline are as follows:

- Personal development, the formation of key and professional competencies that promote self-realization in the chosen field of professional activity;

- deepening the world outlook culture of students to form and improve professional qualities;

- raising the level of methodological culture in order to fulfill professional tasks, develop skills of independent education in the field of science and law;

 - improvement of students' existing research skills, development of the ability to independently conduct scientific work with the application of knowledge, skills and skills obtained at previous levels of education.